This week, the main goal was to add relevant indicators around wallets management. The development team added a sub-tab “wallet” to show how many users and bots are active and how high their balances are.
Thanks to those statistics, a special case has been found : only one bot forged blocks. In this case, the bot with the role “chosen” from the network configuration was the only one receiving transactions and the only one host with a bot and a balance greater than zero.
The “chosen” bot was the only one with assigned wallet. Therefore, It was able to forge the blocks because the tokens could be added, the fees could be save on its wallet. The other bots could not win as they had zero founds.
To fix this situation a script have been created to provide bots with tokens via the chosen bot. The next step will be let the administrator set the start amount of bots’ wallets and/or automate this action during the installation. Once generated transactions have been taken into account, they appeared in blocks, the bots balances are positive and other bots have signed forged blocks. A written procedure is available on gitlab ( to explain each steps.
Just to be clear, the bots, create their public and private key pair when they are launched and check if that pair is not already present. Wallet keys can be generated one time. The user needs to save the latter in a secure place. If the private key is lost, then the wallet will be lost unfortunately…
For the next week, other NeuroChain’s health indicators will be available : list transactions author and receivers with how many times they are present in them. Transaction web interface will be started so users can be active easily.

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