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NeuroChains’ Main-Net Update

Couple weeks ago, the NeuroChain team released the Test-Net to simulate the consensus performances, the network scalability and to identify technical bugs. Since then, a Bug Bounty campaign was organized to help the team to detect bugs by testing the … Read More

Blockcain supply chain Events

NeuroChain at the Singapore Blockchain Summit 2018

NeuroChain had the pleasure of attending the Singapore BlockChain Summit 2018 this week. We had a lot of fun meeting our Asian community. We really appreciated their presence and the level of understanding they showed of the NeuroChain project. Neurochain was the … Read More

NeuroChain for Good

Technological singularity When one is interested in technology and its evolution, one often has in mind this notion of technological singularity put forward by the visionaries. We can reflect on this evolution, and I think it is useful to do … Read More