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NeuroChain finance business

Blockchain to Improve Efficiency of Supply Chain Finance

The primary function of a supply chain is to facilitate exchange between a buyer and a seller to transform resources into a valuable product for the final customer. Demand for a product originates from the final customer at the top … Read More

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NeuroChain AI inventory management

How Artificial Intelligence in Supply Chain Planning Is Changing Retail and Manufacturing

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is playing a significant role in supply chain planning. From predicting consumer demand to scanning the shelves for real-time inventory levels, AI is automating mundane processes and improving the efficiency of the supply chain. Robots are being … Read More

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NeuroChain supply chain guide

How to Implement Blockchain Technology in the Supply Chain?

A Step-by-Step Guide for Supply Chain Managers If you have made the decision to adopt blockchain technology in your supply chain operations, but you aren’t sure where to start, this article is right for you. Choosing to use blockchain technology … Read More

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Blockchain in Supply Chain Logistics

Why Blockchain in Supply Chain Logistics is a Game-Changer

What Is the Hype About Blockchain Technology? Blockchain is a decentralized database that holds records of digital data events in a manner that makes them tamper-resistant. Whereas the majority of users may access, scrutinize, or add to the data, they … Read More

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From Paris …the team is @work !

Tough week- end in Paris. As thousands of protesters were in the streets to complain about whatever the Government was proposing, the NeuroChain team keeps working to stay in line with the published roadmap.  The Champs Elysées where the NeuroChain … Read More

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NeuroChain retail supply chain

The Applications of Blockchain in Retail Supply Chains

Blockchain is amongst one of the most promising emerging technologies of our time. In the retail industry, blockchain technology addresses a number of challenges that retailers currently face; it can be used in the retail supply chain to verify the … Read More

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NeuroChain jewelry traceability

Supply Chain Traceability Transforming Jewelry Industry with Ethically-Sourced Diamonds

TrustChain is a collaborative effort to provide better supply chain transparency surrounding the sourcing of diamonds and other precious metals. The initiative, which is powered by IBM’s blockchain technology, will “track and authenticate diamonds, precious metals, and jewelry at all … Read More

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walmart blockchain food traceability supply chain

Walmart Will Use Blockchain to Ensure Safe Food Products

The world’s largest discount-retail giant, Walmart, is unleashing efforts to implement a blockchain based system. Powered by the IBM Blockchain, the Walmart Blockchain will effectively trace the origin of live food products, including meats, fruits, and vegetables, by allying with … Read More

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4 Ways Blockchain Will Have an Impact on Accounting

How will Blockchain change the future of accounting? There is a lot of talk about the use of blockchain in traditional accounting. This does not come as a surprise as blockchain was originally developed as an accounting tool for the … Read More

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Blockchain Technology and Your Health: The Case of Counterfeit Drugs

Blockchain technology can ensure that your pills are really what you think! The fraudulent production and sale of counterfeit drugs is a multi-million-dollar business that stretches beyond national borders. And we are not talking about illicit substances. Prescribed medications are … Read More

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