NeuroChain at Tokyo

When NeuroChain planned their trip to Asia, Japan was definitely one of the most obvious place to visit.

The goal

The main objective was to introduce the NeuroChain project to Japanese digital players. Hence, NeuroChain booked a speaker’s spot at the Asia Digital Asset and Blockchain Congress 2018 for that purpose. Participants had the opportunity to ask questions about this new blockchain and what makes the project unique compared to many other ongoing blockchain projects.Japan

The positive outcome in Japan…

The good news about this strategy is that is had an extremely positive outcome. Among all the encounters that Bruno and Billal had, they made contact with top financial and blockchain executives in Japan. The exchanges were very positive. After the public presentation, NeuroChain had the opportunity to present specific use cases during private meetings. As a result, seeds for strategic partnerships were planted.

…and connections with China

The other positive outcome of NeuroChain at Asia Digital Asset and Blockchain Congress was to meet with the China Blockchain Research Center. They discussed potential business applications with NeuroChain, related to the Chinese environment and the economy. NeuroChain will explore a future trip to China to set up strategic partnerships. Of course, NeuroChain will keep our community updated about all the strategic partnerships that will emerge from all the above mentioned contacts.

Staying dedicated

Since the early days of the project, Neurochain has always thought of our platform as a powerful and scalable business tool. That is the reason why through various partnerships, while developing the platform to be on schedule with the roadmap, we are working hard to create awareness about the platform. This will allow us to build a strong ecosystem, with business applications, ready to launch in sequence with the roadmap.

NeuroChain, let’s build a better world!

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