NeuroChain arrival at Tokyo

The NeuroChain has arrived in Tokyo, Japan, to attend the Asia Digital Asset and Blockchain Congress 2018 (ADABC 2018)

The Arrival

After a long trip and a couple of days to adjust, we are in the vibrant city of Tokyo. While this is Billal’s first time in Tokyo, it is like a trip back to home for me.  I lived here for 3 years and I return from time to time. I instantly felt at home. With our early arrival last Thursday evening, we were delighted to hang around Tokyo and feel the mood of the city.NeuroChain in Japan: OmikujiOn Sunday Billal discovered Omikuji (sacred lot, ???). Omikuji are the fortunes written on rolled strips of paper. The traditional way of receiving an Omikuji is by taking a bamboo container that is filled with small sticks and shaking it until the first stick falls out. Each stick is numbered. Billal’s fortune was really positive!Billal,s Omikuji

ADABC 2018: Day 1

It is Monday morning, the first day of the event. We entered in the Hilton Narita where the event is being held. There, we started meeting key people.NeuroChain as an official sponsorAs NeuroChain is a sponsor of the event, we were visible on the program and the brochure of the event.NeuroChain, official sponsor of ADABC 2018The event is off to a lovely beginning, but we still had to introduce the Company to fellow attendees. They were very impressed with our project. We immediately connected with Chinese officials who were very active in these conversations. We also made other connections and presented the NeuroChain project. We illustrated our project through various use cases: insurance, finance, health, real estate etc.NCC Team making connectionsThe next episode is for Tuesday.  Billal and I will be on stage at 9:00am and we will pitch NeuroChain in front of investors and potential partners. Stay tuned. There’s more to come soon as NeuroChain is connecting with the Asian blockchain ecosystem.ADABC Day 2 Schedule

Watch NeuroChain in Tokyo!

NeuroChain Tokyo

NeuroChain, let’s build a better world!

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