Paris Blockchain Event 2019

Blockchain Paris offers a complete overview of Blockchain opportunities and technologies through two days of exhibitions, strategic conferences and use cases, workshops and appointments.

Come meet the Blockchain ecosystem at a unique event dedicated to real-world business applications!

Regulatory & legal developments

Governance & consortia: best practices, challenges and benefits

Interoperability, scaling up … what are the technological issues?

Business potential of the Blockchain: concrete overview of the cases of uses that prove their worth

Both Frederic and Billal attended the event last week where the aim was to meet several companies of interest and continue to network Neuarochains’ business strategy and development in order to build partners and our ecosystem.

We talked to Cognizant ( and Atos/Worldline ( to help strengthen our over all visibility. We also had a very productive conversation with BPI(PUBLIC INVESTMENT BANK) to find all possible routes for funding that the French state can make available.

The French finance minister continues to look at blockchain and its applications as a priority. This only strengthens Neurochains’ position on its use cases, most notably in the field of logistics and workflow management.

Test-net Update


· A few weeks ago, we released the new test-net. It has been running since with over 1.1 million blocks and 9 million transactions.

· 20 bots, with as little as 2 vCPU and 2 GB of memory.

· Many of you had the chance to participate with coins sent on telegram.


The next step is for you to take an even bigger part in the test-net by installing your bots. This week we will be releasing the official installation procedure. At that moment we will also reset the actual test-net.

It will be easier to launch a bot with a smaller ledger (downloading the ledger takes time). Some enhancement of the bot regarding fork management has been made. We decided to take advantage of the test-net to introduce those changes at a lesser cost.

Moving forward

We are working with ESIEE Paris school on security audits and going further with them.

We are preparing hackathons to attract more developers and see new uses cases.

The goal is to train students in Neurochain to have consultants in the future. They work on installation procedures and do security tests. working with the school will easily have participants for a hackathon. They can also bring new ideas and a fresh outlook to the project.


We appreciate communication isn’t always great, it is often difficult to find the time to share every process and idea that is being developed or talked about daily. We want to assure you all that we continue to work extremely hard on the project and delivering a fully functional blockchain with real use cases.

Please be patient, the admin team do a great job and can only relay the information as we release it to them.

Thank you for your continued support.


The Neurochain Team.

NeuroChain CES Las Vegas
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