The first cryptocurrency is qualified as a virtual currency used in distributed peer to peer systems. It is based on cryptography and decision algorithms. The first description dates back to 1998, then, Nick Szabo created the “Bit Gold” (Szabo, 1996). In 2009, the Bitcoin is created based on proof of work algorithm.

What is cryptocurrency: 

The cryptocurrency could be seen as an application of the crypto value. The crypto value is the value circulating in a distributed network. The crypto value is very important for real business applications. All applications in the world are based on exchanges of information, concepts, and objects, these exchanges are materialized by crypto value in distributed systems. However, there is a breaking in the Value Chain when an underlayer is a material object, but this could be overcome by using IoTs.

How the cryptocurrencies evolve: 

Actually, the cryptocurrencies are used for speculation and only speculation. Since the cryptocurrencies are not largely adopted from the community as a payment tool or used in distributed applications, it will remain an object of speculation.
The development of a distributed application and intelligent applications offer to the cryptocurrencies to be used as a value of exchange in complex workflows. This mechanism will connect the cryptocurrency with the real economy or real world, and therefore consolidate their adoption.

Clausius is the future:

At NeuroChain, our cryptocurrency, the “Clausius” will be the standard exchanged value for the intelligent applications applied for different real used cases. The intelligent applications in NeuroChain will allow the redistribution of the Value in the network, which redistribution will permit a certain stability and coherence according to the real world.
In conclusion, the cryptocurrencies will evolve and find their place in the real economy, by using them as exchangeable values in different applications. NeuroChain will accelerate their adoption by providing a new platform for intelligent applications where all the business use cases will be possible. NeuroChain provides a decentralized artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) mechanism for any real-life purpose.
Invest smart. Invest NeuroChain.
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