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What is NeuroChain?

NeuroChain is an augmented blockchain
designed to improve the performance and
capabilities of distributed systems.

Unlike existing standard blockchain, it is composed by a chain of Bots where machine learning and artificial intelligence enrich the network.

As an open source project, based on proof of involvement and integrity & proof of workflow consensus, it is well suited to transform existing business models. The underlying crypto-currency is named "Clausius"

Just Change the World

NeuroChain is a worldwide initiative born in Europe.
Headquarter : Paris.

Distributed System + New Consensus + Machine Learning = NeuroChain

Pascal Lauffer

"NeuroChain brings an innovative approach in Finance to deploy AI in the Blockchain."

Pascal Lauffer - FIMAT – BlockChain financing, Chief Digital Officer.

Salia Salles

"Implementing machine learning at the heart of the blockchain will speed up the deployment of sophisticated business models."

Dalia Salles - Head of Control & Accounting Certification Solutions - Projects & Systems

Patrice Guichard

"NeuroChain is a real breakthrough and will allow to create significant efficiency gains in regulated environment."

Patrice Guichard - CEO, IT Security Expert and Legal expert at the Paris court of Appeal


In the next 5 years, the world as we know will not be the past. It will be history.

Machine learning and collective artificial intelligence can overcome the formidable challenges left by previous generations and set the scene for a better world.

The ability to focus people's individual investment power on what matters to them, will result in a more balanced world.

NeuroChain is a powerful protocol able to assemble talents and leverage collective artificial intelligence. Climate change, renewable energy development, wealth distribution, famine reduction... are extraordinary complex issues to address when treated independently.

When a common language is delivered to the developer community, collective artificial intelligence become an unstoppable force.

Our economic models can be rebuilt leveraging data, secured transactions and wide connectivity.

Sometimes the best way to gain power is to give it away.

NeuroChain the next blockchain platform powered by intelligent connected bots to build a sustainable and balanced economy.

What's new?

Now, we can augment the existing blockchain with a self-learning distributed system.

With the NeuroChain protocol, we can move from simple reacting nodes to the next generation of system represented by hyper fast and secure bots connected like a brain.

The bot decision making is based on new intrinsic consensus protocols : proof of involvement and integrity & proof of workflow consensus.


Simple Miners

Proof of work

Standard communication protocol

Neurochain Tech®


Proof of involvement and integrity & Proof of workflow

Adaptive communication protocol

Tell me more

The NeuroChain technology is a new augmented blockchain based on an intelligent decision making mechanism. it is composed of the bots and a set of rules represented by flexible and scalable protocols ( Proof of Involvement and Integrity & Proof of Workflow). It runs on a network or media with adaptive communication layer.

4 Key differentiators


Bots are intelligent agents acting independently on a specific node in a network. They work thanks to machine learning algorithms on top of a protocol and a network.


The new consensus is based on the thermodynamics of the network. The consensus presents a very low latency and high level of correctness.


Bots work in association, allowed by the Proof of Workflow consensus. This flexibility behavior will create an ecosystem of artificial collective intelligence.


The pragmatic network aims at limiting the bandwidth usage of the intelligent applications running on top, while taking advantage of the whole environment. The orphan Bots and the standard Blockchain can easily cooperate and become social.

Frédéric GoujonCEO

Big Data Architect, Frédéric is an entrepreneur in Business Intelligence and author on blockchain.

Dr. Billal ChouliCTO

Doctor in nuclear physics, Billal is specialist in distributed Algorithms, Cryptography and Machine Learning.

Founding Team
Bruno DelahayeCMO - Founding Partner

Software industry veteran and Digital Marketing leader, Bruno is an Industry Transformation recognized expert.

Rogier Van Der WalSales Advisor

Director of Sales and Marketing at Interxion France (data center specialist). Business leadership & determination are the keys of Rogier's success.

Dr. Patrice GuichardSecurity Advisor

CEO, IT Security Expert and Legal expert at the Paris court of Appeal. Patrice is passionate by cryptography and new technologies.

Hugues BonhommeAdministrative and Finance Director

Financial and administrative manager Groups / International CFO ADNEOM.

Core Team
Dr. Maxim IrshkinScientific Manager

Project Manager at Nuclear Cluster at Skolkovo Foundation, Maxim has defended his PhD in nuclear physics at CEA (France).

Maurizio CacaceTechnical Specialist

Design Engineer Presso at Hyundai Motorsport GmbH. Maurizio is passionate about new technologies and blockchain.

Dr. Talib DboukTechnical Specialist

Associate professor at IMT Lille (France), Talib is specialist in fluid mechanics and topology optimization. he is also passionate by blockchain technology.

Nicolas Van EeckhoutAgnostic & Holistic Innovation Catalyst

For more than 15 years experience in Innovation, Nicolas has developed his technical skills as well as entrepreneurial skills, while deploying a great versatility and creativity in goals achievement.

Benjamin MateoBlockchain Architect

Benjamin is an IT engineer with a lot of experience in computer science for various industries. He founded several startups and worked as an IT specialist for major companies and institutions.

Dr. Luca ComissoResearch Fellow, Columbia University

Research Fellow at Columbia University in the City of New York, Luca is specialist in computational particle and plasma physics.

Jérémy SebanBlockchain Project Architect

Managing partner of FranceChain Solutions: development and advice around the world the blockchain. Project management of ICO, development of smart-contract, integration of means of payment in crypto-currency.

Yves-Michel LeporcherLead Dev

Big Data lead Dev / Data scientist. MSc. in Quantitative Finance, and author on blockchain and finance.

Gilles SlomovitsData Scientist

Senior consultant IBM Cognos analytics TM1. Conception and construction of prototypes. Gilles is expert in his field.

Dr. John RiceScientific advisor

Dr. of plasma physics at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

Pascal LaufferScientific Advisor

Pascal is an entrepreneur and Technology enthusiast. CEO FIMAT – Blockchain Financing.

Renaud RoquebertLegal and Strategy Advisor

Founder & Managing Partner at LightHouse LHLF, a Law Firm based in Paris, France, Renaud is an entrepreneur lawyer who has advised tech start-ups for more than 23 years.

Bots Capabilities

Bots are using Artificial Intelligent Algorithms

Bots use effcient decision process (weighed enthropy)

Bots for IoT and traceability chain

NeuroChain is based on its own crypto-value

Bots are able to interact with other blockchain orphan Bots

Bots can use many protocols to stay in touch. Social Bots

Certified data bank

Regulated, unregulated and institutional business applications

Key principles


Crypto-currency can be used in any use cases based on the NeuroChain protocol.


2/3 of the Founding team and advisor tokens will be vested linearly over 5 years to ensure continuity and commitment.


70% of the ICO funds will remunerate the elected bots to guarantee their involvment.

Why an ICO for NeuroChain?

NeuroChain is a global project whose ambition is to change the paradigms in business, communication, exchanges, transactions and services.
The development of the ICO in recent months shows the interest of the public, investors and institutions for Blockchain technology. However, this rush to the ICO has generated a number of inconsistent and insubstantial projects where Blockchain's relevance is debatable.

This phenomenon affects the credibility of the ICO process and the credibility of all projects. Despite these collateral inconvenient of ICO, we decided to use it to mobilize money in order to develop our project, and our decision was based on:

Large scope of ICO (worldwide): in term of communication, it is the perfect way to present the project to a worldwide audience.

Time scale: for very innovative projects like NeuroChain time scale is an important parameter for the project’s development. With ICO we have the guarantee to leverage the project quickly and therefore ensure a faster development of the project.

Targeted group of ICO participants: another pertinent aspect is that with ICO, the potential participants will be the future users of the Blockchain.

Open source project: NeuroChain is an opensource project. This made the traditional financing more complex and tedious.

Distributed nature of the technology: Blockchain is a distributed system and therefore distributed financing is the well-adapted method.

NeuroChain Complete Token Allocation

Token Allocation

The ICO will result in the immediate forging of 15% for Investors and 3% for the Founding Team and advisors.

Post ICO all remaining tokens are forged to operate the NeuroChain :
70% for Elected bots, 3% for the Foundation, 2% for the Seed Fund and 7% for NeuroChain Managment to be vested over 5 years to insure a continuous involvement.



Passionate about Cryptocurrency Bitcoin

Passionate about Cryptocurrency Bitcoin
Passionate about blockchain and its potential

Passionate about blockchain and its potential


Interogation about blockchain applications

Interogation about blockchain applications
Preparing a blockchain prototype

Preparing a blockchain prototype and thinking about writing a blockchain book (for french community)


Writing a book about blockchain (ENI editions)

Writing a book about blockchain
Presentation of the concept at Paris Microsoft Experience

Presentation of the concept at Paris Microsoft Experience


Feasibility analysis of NeuroChain / Preparing white paper

Feasibility analysis of NeuroChain / Preparing white paper
Preparing NeuroChain ICO

Preparing NeuroChain ICO


Presentation of the concept at Paris Microsoft Experience with Interxion

Presentation of the concept at Paris Microsoft Experience
Realisation of NeuroChain Prototype

Realisation of NeuroChain Prototype (Proof of Concept)


Launching NeuroChain ICO

Launching NeuroChain ICO
NeuroChain Protocol Development in large environment

NeuroChain Protocol Development in large environment


First business applications available

First business applications available

Companies intending to
explore NeuroChain



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