Why NeuroChain is the Future Blockchain

Currently blockchain has many limitations. It has an imbalance of approvers concentration. It is slow, unsustainable and not scalable. The NeuroChain technology is a new augmented blockchain based on intelligent decision making mechanisms. It is composed of Bots and a set of rules represented by flexible and scalable protocols (Proof of Involvement and Integrity & Proof of Workflow). It runs on a network or media with an adaptive communication layer.

Our Solution

  • Innovative fair consensus (PII)
  • Ultra rapid block encryption
  • Driven by machine learning
  • Context sensitive

The new consensus assesses and ranks each stakeholder and transaction. Through machine learning, the Bots behavior is decision enabled and context sensitive.

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Real World Applications

NeuroChain focuses on creating intelligent business applications. The architecture, the communication protocol and the machine learning algorithms insure connectivity with other blockchains. Other orphan Bots provide a fertile ecosystem for augmented business.


Fields of Application:

  • Finance: Digital KYC with automated updates
  • Energy: Solar energy distribution, storage and peer to peer sales
  • Traceability: Non GMO food traceability and producer benefit sharing
  • Infrastructure Management: Objective driven contracts with benefit sharing
  • Regulated Professions: Accounting, auditing, law enforcement with artificial intelligence based proposals
  • Transportation: Intelligent context supply chain management
  • Human Resources: Dynamic research based on PII consensus
  • Institutions: Secure official records and information sharing
  • Certified Data Repository: Safe information storage secured by distributed agents
  • Smart IoT: Connected ecosystem with multi-layer machine learning empowered nodes

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NeuroChain’s Four Key Differentiators

  • Intelligent: Bots are intelligent agents acting independently on a specific node in the network. They are powered by machine learning algorithms.
  • Consensus: The new consensus is based on the thermodynamics of the network. The consensus presents a very low latency and a high level of accuracy.
  • Flexible: The Proof of Workflow consensus permits the Bots to work in association with one another. This flexible behavior creates an ecosystem of collective artificial intelligence.
  • Social: The network limits the applications bandwidth usage. The orphan Bots and the standard blockchains can easily cooperate and become social.

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