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Our Vision

Mainly designed for money transfers and simple transactions, the current blockchain consumes too much energy. It is painfully slow, lacks agility and impedes scaling for more complex operations. Mining monopolies have taken control over the decentralized nature of Bitcoin and the environmental impact is bigger than ever. Thus, we think that it is time for a complete rewrite. A new generation of blockchain that gives power back to the people.

Our Mission

Collective intelligence can be the result of every citizen’s contribution. Decentralized, it now has the vision to build a fair ecosystem. NeuroChain will deliver a protocol to create simple and scalable business applications. Unlike existing blockchain language it will be easy to deploy and will not be concentrated into limited hands. Now is the time to deploy blockchain at the heart of our lives.


Transparency has been one founding principle since the inception of the NeuroChain project. As the market and the general crypto economy environment is still experiencing a Bear market, it is extremely important to deliver a very clear message to anyone considering investing in NeuroChain. The below table and the chart provide an accurate view of the situation as of today (Nov 7th, 2018) and shows how the tokens will be allocated until 2023 when the final release of the Main Net (V4) will be delivered. All the points below are strictly compliant with the original messages delivered during the ICO.

NCC circulation supply

The total amount made available to the investors is 15% of the total token allocation. The largest part of the Tokens (70% or 3,061,800,000 NCCs) will be distributed to NeuroChain elected Bots (node forging block reward, “neurogenesis”) during the NeuroChain operation, in order to:

Validate transactions and Block analysis reward.
Support stable / viable network
Processing intelligent applications

Current Circulating Supply (Nov 7th 2018)
The Total Supply Ever (100% of NCC)

NCC 293,635,718

NCC 4,374,000,000

ICO last Token Public Price (April 15th, 2018)
End of Whitelist

EUR 0.20

March 12th 2018 3PM UTC

Start of Public Sale (Discount Sales)
Start of Public Sale (Attractive Sales)

March 19th, 2018, 8AM UTC

March 26th, 2018, 8AM UTC

Start of Public Sale (Haste Sales)
Introduction price on HUOBI HADAX (July 17th, 2018)

April 9th, 2018, 8AM UTC

USD 0,055

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Our Team

Dr. Billal CHOULI

Chief Technology Officer - Founder

Frédéric GOUJON

Chief Executive Officer - Founder

Guillaume BAILLY

Chief Financial Officer


Chief Growth Officer

Sébastien VINCENT

Chief Operating Officer


Project Manager Officer

Kowalski LEV

Front-end Developer


Technology Consultant


Data Scientist


Lead developer C++

Melynda LOUIS

Junior Artistic designer






Legal and Strategy Advisor

Dr. Patrice Guichard

Security Expert Advisor


Lead Developer
“I am not a programmer, but learning a lot about Blockchain and am interested and excited to see a project with such vision. The environmental impact of blockchain has had me concerned, I am glad to see companys like NeuroChain realizing this is not sustainable. Looking forward to learning much more and being part of your community!”
Tracy McIvor

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