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Imagine a technology that allows you to create business applications that natively connect to a multitude of databases. Anyone and everyone can be represented by a Bot on the network that notes and communicates the user’s behavior on the network. Best performers are identified and their contribution is transparently stored on the blockchain.

Creating a collective AI

From the beginning, NeuroChain has made it clear that the path to full achievement of the project will last five years, starting with the delivery of the blockchain in nine months. That is in Q1 2019. Questions raise often about such an uncommon and unusual roadmap length. We need to thrive into this, so we can make it clear for all our community and go further.

A roadmap is designed to help a company or start-up to explain the steps it has to go through to deliver the product or service. In the case of NeuroChain, the trip to full achievement of the collective AI is to end on 2023 due to a double vision: a short term one with the achievement of the blockchain, and a long term one with the achievement of the learning collective AI. The project integrates the double vision in its four steps: – Q1 2019: Mainnet V1: infrastructure based on Proof of involvement and integrity. – June 2019: Mainnet V2: Integration of Proof of Workflow allowing intelligent applications based on Machine Learning. – March 2020: Mainnet V3: Integration of intelligence sharing property by the Bots and instauration of collective artificial intelligence. – March 2023: Mainnet V4: Self-consistent distributed system will be achieved where the Bots experience a form of autonomy. The roadmap timeline was set to give teams the correct estimated time to realize the ultimate vision of NeuroChain Platform: a new blockchain as a collective and decentralized AI operating with bots and improving through machine learning. Our project is an unprecedented and innovative approach. It will all start with the delivery of the NeuroChain blockchain on Q1 2019. At NeuroChain, we aim to deliver the best version possible of the platform for our future users.

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