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The platform is lightning fast, secure and fair. Unlike several blockchain based platforms it does not require intensive computation due to Proof of Work. People who do not know each other and therefore don't trust each other, may now collaborate and transact online without the need of a trusted third party. Developers are empowered with the tools to build an entirely new class of distributed applications. NeuroChain’s Four Key Differentiators.


Bots are intelligent agents acting independently on a specific node in the network. They are powered by machine learning algorithm (Scoring Algorithms).


The new consensus is based on the thermodynamics of the network to score the nodes. The consensus presents a very low latency and a high level of accuracy.


The Proof of Workflow consensus permits the Bots to work in association with one another. This flexible behavior creates an ecosystem of collective artificial intelligence.


The network limits the applications bandwidth usage. The orphan Bots and the standard blockchains can easily cooperate and become social.

Is Blockchain Technology a Good Fit for Your Business?

The future of blockchain

NeuroChain platform provides a revolutionary form of distributed consensus. It enables the ranking of each stakeholder and transaction. NeuroChain Bots not only make decisions but also adapt to the context thanks to machine learning.


Time to completion is measured in seconds and not in minutes, hours or days, as seen on current mainstream blockchains. Consensus is 100% certain and unique to Neurochain, guaranteed never to change.


The platform is the only distributed ledger that has formally proven this characteristic. Achieving this level of security at scale represents a major advance in the field of distributed systems. Security Strengths: Protect user privacy, Protect user data, Deny illicit attempts to change data, Carefully keep encryption keys safe


The platform ensures that no single person can block the flow of transactions in the community. No small group of users can unduly influence the consensus or the transaction processing. These features are missing in several public distributed ledgers.

Autonomous Independent Bots

In optimal operation, an army of autonomous and independent Bots work in an ecosystem to validate the transaction of the platform users. They learn by themselves from the data and context they live in, so that every Bot plays a part in the network. The applications, deployed by developers, work in harmony and specialize progressively while taking all the advantages of the distributed framework. The fairness feature allows every single developer to propose a solution and free himself from major Internet players.

Explore industry applications

Retail & Consumer Goods

Harness blockchain to reinvent the product authenticity, operational excellence and consumer experience.

Travel & Transportation

Speed transactions, reduce fraud and streamline operations to move passengers, personnel and parcels more efficiently.

Banking & Financial Markets

Bring trust, simplicity & enhanced customer experience to financial services.


Revolutionize the trust that powers insurance with an immutable foundation of transparency and shared purpose.


Ensure data stewardship to protect citizen information, maintain trust and ensure the accuracy of public records.


Streamline clinical data across organizations and enable patients to control their medical data to increase the quality of care.


Drive innovative mobility services, supply chain traceability and more secure financial transactions.

Media & Entertainment

Build an ecosystem of trust around digital content usage — music, movies, television, advertising, loyalty points and more.

"Neurochain invented a reputation scoring system that selects and rewards thebots whoshare the hihest quality information."
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