This week, the main goal was to fluidize transactions creation for the user. To do so, the web interface show a formulary to fill essential data : author’s wallet keys, recipient public key, crypto money amount, data and the fee. The user can follow the transactions steps on live, the interface shows if the transaction is valid, if it is waiting for bots actions or if the transaction has been saved in a block.

The wallet management is in process. The team wants to make wallet creation, key management and transaction creation more user friendly. Currently, the user has to read and note raw key values to fill in transactions. The ideal scenario would be to let the user choose the key file and let the bot do the rest. C++ tools are in development so they can both used by the bots, the web interface and other future projects.

On the network management, improving custom configuration is planned. Administration to switch on and off active network is available but the blockchain still generate transactions and blocks. In order to carry out an intern audit, the testers must be able to configure transactions and blocks frequency.

Next week, web interface experience and new tools will be reorganized in one polished web site. The latter will be more on a user point of view rather than an admin toolkit. To sum up, NeuroChain wants to make the product easy to use, for specialized usage and for usual daily life needs.

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