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Neurochain Token App

 Introducing Neurochain Token App  – Our Community Driven Test Application with the first Neurochain Smart Contract We have always maintained that we have been continually working on our project through this very difficult period and we would like to take … Read More

Global digitalization

Let’s see how Blockchain technology, through Neurochain for instance, can constitute a robust and powerful foundation for solutions that really meet customers’ needs. It is already a partial response to social distancing, but not everything is so simple. Partially because … Read More

NeuroChain 2020 Updates

NeuroChain is a five years blockchain project.​ When developing an innovating project, with forward-thinking concepts and theories, it is primordial to highlight these concepts, and explain the paradigm change advantage and drawbacks. NeuroChain constitutes several augmented concepts and technologies in … Read More

Test-net V2 Release​

So, as most of you are aware, we promised to release the new test-net in September of this year, and as in usual crypto tradition, we have used the full timeframe available to us before the official release. However, here … Read More

What Has Happened Since Last Year?

Red October Last October (2018) we launched our first public testnet. Its purpose was to: Test various components in a more realistic environment. Collect data on bots behavior. Deliver something to you. Taking into consideration our deadlines, and information from … Read More

NeuroChain rewards program Air Drop 4

4th and Final Airdrop : June 30th, 4,000,000 NCC tokens to be distributed   10,000,000 NCC tokens in total will have been distributed in four stages, over a period of 12 months. The June 30th Air Drop is the final … Read More

Developers Update- Where we are now!

Hey Neurochain community, We have some great pieces of news for you this week including a full development breakdown detailing exactly where we are right now. Firstly, we would like to announce that we have been in contact with Microsoft … Read More

VivaTech and more!!!

vivatech Hey Neurochain community, We appreciate its been a bit longer than anticipated getting these newsletters published but we have concluded that a set date every week is not going to be achievable. We feel that to produce a newsletter … Read More

Voting for the NCC Token is Open!

Voting for the NCC token to be listed on the Huobi Exchange is now open. The Huobi exchange is one of the world’s top exchanges. Being listed on this exchange is sure to increase the value of the NCC. Every … Read More

neurochain healthcare

The Next Frontier in Healthcare: Artificial Intelligence is Saving Lives

The STAR (Smart Tissue Autonomous Robot) can perform surgical cuts on a patient with precise accuracy. Its job is to remove the cancer-forming cells while keeping the healthy tissue intact. While it still has some ways to go to be … Read More