This week goal was to emulate an active network : the sandbox environment needs to be active, hosts must send transactions continuously. This test-driven development philosophy helps detecting strange behavior if there is one, patching it and testing new features.

To do so a wallet in development mode has been created. The latter launch a server that send automated transactions. The main script scans the network to load dynamically actors. Actors are hosts with online bots. Wallet keys are mocked in this case only.

Once done, the wallet has been linked to the web interface so the development team can switch on and off the network activation in one click. In addition to this, new mongodb requests are available. They will help check the blockchain health. The source is available at

In parallel, a C++ template has been added on the gitlab. It’s perfect for a quick start with only the Crypto++ version 8.7 library imported. The latter will serve as a basis for future research projects. It’s CMake compatible for the curious one :

Let’s not forget about pedagogic writing : NeuroChain is in being analysed in details. Consensus steps and Proof of Involvement and Integrity will soon get their tab in the web site. If you want to know more about the strength of NeuroChain or if you just want to have a look with a mathematic point of view, the next update will be for you.

As you might have seen, the gitlab is active once again, core dev_v2 branch is on the way ( The team is really motivated to work on a more user friendly blockchain administration.

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