This week, the main goal was to complete the procedure to add an host and a bot to an existing network, shell scripts have been created to make installation and automation easier. In summary, development team have developed tools to help themself administer network hosts and bots so the procedure will become as simple as clicking on a button. Tools democratization is still in progress and is our the priority.


Once the tools have been tested and approved, they are linked in the web application. The one already helps administrators to check on the blockchain health. Now, the network administration has its first version. This way, NeuroChain bots can be switch on and off in one click. Ledger can be exported automatically. It will help the test team to reproduce special scenarii. An inventory has been done on different cores. As the solution must be as light weight as possible, the team wanted to evaluate which element should be optimized first.


Next week, the web interface will be updated so blocks and transactions stats will be highlighted. A goal to schematize all cryptologic and network synchronization steps is planned.

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