This week, the main goal was to polish one new web site showcase. The latter is more focused on a user point of view rather than an admin toolkit. It will help us explain how blockchain works and illustrate each steps.

In this web site we can :

  • generate public and private keys, display their value and download .priv and .pub files ;
  • a form to send one transaction manually ;
  • simulation of NCC and currency exchange ;
  • blocks and transactions exploration, visualization and search ;
  • browse the blocks and associated transactions.


So the essential is here but the development team wants to go further. First the wallet experience must be improved. To do that, the interface must be more personal or customizable. Moreover a demonstration to show how one data in the block can alter its hash is considered. Finally, a supply chain case or a market emulation is in discussion.


On the core configuration side, a procedure to disable or enable auto generation of transactions and set the cadence is in progress. Once available, testing the stability will be possible. Docker process might be updated in the same time.


For the next week, the web site showcase will stay the priority.

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