This week, the web site showcase was still the priority. The development team improved the backend so any future applications or demonstrations can call it and be build faster. Dialogue between the frontend and the backend have been updated so the user can navigate in the blockchain more rapidly.

A new feature is available on the web site : the simulation of a block’s hacking. Users can play the role of a malicious person and can change whatever they want. They can change the transactions authors or receivers, the amount, the fee, etc. When any data is altered, the block’s hash is updated and the anomaly checker is launched. The process check if the new hash is equal to the next block’s previous hash or if the block hash is the same on all the other nodes. The anomaly is detected in live and users can be reassured on the intangible aspect.

For the next week, the team will focus on the core configuration side. A procedure to disable or enable auto generation of transactions will be created. Once available, testing the stability will be possible. Docker process might be updated in the same time.

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