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smart home

What is a Smart Home?

What Makes a Smart Home ‘Smart’? A smart home is a house or apartment that contains appliances which are able to connect to the internet and be controlled by a user interface. The user interface can be an app on … Read More

AI Algorithm

3 Ways You Are Interacting with Artificial Intelligence Everyday

As Artificial Intelligence continues to evolve and new innovations emerge, Artificial Intelligence algorithms have already been integrated into your everyday life. Here are three ways that you are interacting with AI every day.Smartphones – If you have a smartphone, you … Read More

what is machine learning

What is Machine Learning? And How Does It Work?

We have all heard about Machine Learning. But what exactly is Machine Learning and how does Machine Learning work? Machine Learning is the process of automated computational learning. In other words, machine learning occurs when computers are able to learn … Read More

What is Artificial Intelligence?

NeuroChain Explained: What is Artificial Intelligence?

Episode 01: What is Artificial Intelligence?In this introductory video of the series NeuroChain Explained, Dr Billal Chouli explains the definition of Artificial intelligence with its the three main applications.  Click here to watch the video.

blockchain logistics

Blockchain Logistics to Offer Shipping Solutions through Data Synchronization

The shipping industry is getting more and more complex, especially in today’s globalized world. Blockchain logistics can help us overcome many modern-day shipping challenges through the use of data synchronization. Global trade currently has many challenges including security, complexity, and … Read More

artificial intelligence in finance

Corporate Finance Executives Will Benefit from Artificial Intelligence in Finance

When we think of artificial intelligence, we tend to think of a robot with human-like capabilities. While artificial intelligence has the potential to evolve into bots similar to the ones featured in “I, Robot”, the reality is that artificial intelligence … Read More

cryptocurrency investors exchange bitcoin

World’s Biggest Stock Exchange Operator is Launching a Bitcoin Market

Since last two years, the cryptocurrency market explodes due to the multiplication of the cryptocurrencies and the increase of the interest of the public and investors for these assets. These cryptocurrencies are exchanged in the crypto-exchanges, centralized platforms for buying … Read More

Fintech insurance

How Fintech Insurance Is Changing the Traditional Insurance Industry

Investments in Fintech Insurance have risen 300% according to a report. Fintech Insurance, also termed as InsurTech, is receiving increased attention from both investors and consumers. Investors are recognizing an innovate, profitable business model and consumers are seeking new ways … Read More

blockchain technology in healthcare

Rethinking Electronic Healthcare Records with Blockchain Technology

Blockchain Technology to Change the Healthcare Industry Every time you go to a new doctor, they tell you to arrive a half hour before your appointment to fill out paperwork. It is the same paperwork that you have filled out … Read More

blockchain smart contracts

Blockchain and Smart Contracts to Improve the Integrity of the Gig Economy

2 Major Problems in the Gig Economy that Blockchain and Smart Contracts Will Solve Have you ever hired a freelancer through a website such as or and the quality of the work was less then you bargained for? … Read More