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NeuroChain supply chain guide

How to Implement Blockchain Technology in the Supply Chain?

A Step-by-Step Guide for Supply Chain Managers If you have made the decision to adopt blockchain technology in your supply chain operations, but you aren’t sure where to start, this article is right for you. Choosing to use blockchain technology … Read More

Team dev

NeuroChain Test-Net update 19 th Nov 2018

Two weeks ago, NeuroChain team released the Test-Net to test the consensus performances, the network scalability and correct the technical bugs. Since then, a Bug Bounty Campaign has been organized to leverage a technical community to help the team to … Read More

NeuroChain Releases the Blockchain Test-Net, Anticipates NeuroNet

PARIS, FRANCE – NeuroChain announced today that the Test-Net will be released this Wednesday, 31 October 2018 at 12:00 CET, marking the preliminary launch of the first blockchain protocol powered by Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. The release of the … Read More

NeuroChain food traceability

How Supply Chain Traceability Could Have Contained the Spread of E. coli in Romaine Lettuce

Earlier this year, the US Center for Disease Control (CDC) released a press statement warning consumers that E. coli had contaminated Romaine Lettuce grown in the Yuma, Arizona agricultural region. However, before the contamination was noticed, the lettuce containing traces … Read More

blockchain scalability

How to Solve the Blockchain Scalability Problem?

Blockchain scalability refers to the system’s ability to efficiently expand and be implemented on a larger scale. When an additional node is added to a distributed system, the complexity of the system multiplies. In order to efficiently launch Blockchain on … Read More

supply chain management logistics

What Is Supply Chain Management and Logistics?

What is a Supply Chain? A supply chain is a network of suppliers, manufacturers, and retailers, as well as intermediaries including freight companies, warehousing companies, and brokers, who transfer goods, services, money, and information amongst one another. A supply chain … Read More


Voice AMA (Ask-Me-Anything) with CTO & Founder of Neurochain, Dr. Billal Chouli

JOIN THE AMA,  September 9, SUNDAY 2:30 to 3:30PM (CEST) Click to join NeuroChain AMA Live on Discord: Join the NeuroChain Executive AMA session with CTO & Founder of Neurochain, Dr. Billal Chouli . Send in your questions now and don’t … Read More

NeuroChain blockchain supply chain management logistics

Why Blockchain Will Transform The Supply Chain And Logistics Industry

What is Blockchain Technology? The use of Blockchain Technology became mainstream with the emergence of Bitcoin, followed by several other cryptocurrencies. The blockchain is the framework behind Bitcoin that records transactions securely and transparently. Transactions are tamper-proof due to the … Read More


4 Ways Blockchain Will Have an Impact on Accounting

How will Blockchain change the future of accounting? There is a lot of talk about the use of blockchain in traditional accounting. This does not come as a surprise as blockchain was originally developed as an accounting tool for the … Read More


Blockchain Technology and Your Health: The Case of Counterfeit Drugs

Blockchain technology can ensure that your pills are really what you think! The fraudulent production and sale of counterfeit drugs is a multi-million-dollar business that stretches beyond national borders. And we are not talking about illicit substances. Prescribed medications are … Read More