blockchain scalability

Blockchain scalability refers to the system’s ability to efficiently expand and be implemented on a larger scale. When an additional node is added to a distributed system, the complexity of the system multiplies. In order to efficiently launch Blockchain on a large scale, we must first solve the Blockchain scalability problem.What is the Blockchain Scalability Problem?To understand the Blockchain scalability problem, we must first understand the difference between a centralized and a decentralized system. A centralized system exists when there is a single database, which is typically controlled by a single entity. Centralized systems are susceptible to fraud because there is only one record to change. A decentralized system exists when the database is distributed and there is a consensus among the involved parties regarding the state of the database. Thus, a decentralized system is less susceptible to fraud.The scalability problem occurs as more and more parties, referred to as nodes, enter into the decentralized system. Forming a unanimous consensus as to the state of the Blockchain becomes increasingly more difficult with each new node. The current Bitcoin consensus protocol, known as Proof of Work, restricts Blockchain from being efficient on a large scale. Transactions can take up to 10 minutes to validate.blockchain scalabilitySolving the blockchain Scalability ProblemTo solve the scalability problem, a new consensus protocol is required. Proof of Involvement and Integrity (PII) is a new consensus protocol currently under development by NeuroChain. NeuroChain the Blockchain scalability problem by 1) implementing ML & AI at the heart of the Blockchain, and 2) deploying the Proof of Involvement and Integrity consensus protocol. The NeuroChain bots will be placed on the nodes and act as autonomous validators. The PPI consensus protocol allows for nearly instantaneous validation while not comprising the system’s security or integrity.

To learn more about the Proof of Involvement and Integrity consensus protocol, read NeuroChain’s Technical Whitepaper.

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