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Pascal Lauffer, CEO of FIMAT explains how blockchain, and in particular NeuroChain,  will transform the finance industry.

Financial institutions still rely heavily on paper, causing delays and additional expenses, as well as exposure to fraud and crime. Pascal shares his knowledge and vision about how blockchain will increase efficiency, detailing how FIMAT is actively exploring blockchain.Pascal is currently the CEO of FIMAT and former CIO of SG Investment Banking. He held the CTO position at the New York Stock Exchange and architected and led the Post Merger Integration of Newedge an industry leader with revenue of $1.5 billion. He is extremely knowledgeable in the finance and banking industry, in addition to being an expert in the blockchain industry. According to Pascal, NeuroChain will create the blockchain solution that will enable FIMAT to digitalize the commercial paper market.Why is blockchain important to FIMAT?As the first Blockchain‘s platform of NEU CP’s (Negotiable European Commercial Paper) emission, FIMAT helps businesses to manage their financial needs. FIMAT digitalizes the negotiation’s processes between issuer and investor to enhance market transparency as well as meeting the expectations of MIFID2 regulator with the traceability of financial transactions.

Discover Pascal Lauffer’s vision for blockchain and the finance industry

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