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Blockchain in Supply Chain Logistics

Why Blockchain in Supply Chain Logistics is a Game-Changer

What Is the Hype About Blockchain Technology? Blockchain is a decentralized database that holds records of digital data events in a manner that makes them tamper-resistant. Whereas the majority of users may access, scrutinize, or add to the data, they … Read More

From Paris …the team is @work !

Tough week- end in Paris. As thousands of protesters were in the streets to complain about whatever the Government was proposing, the NeuroChain team keeps working to stay in line with the published roadmap.  The Champs Elysées where the NeuroChain … Read More

NeuroChain retail supply chain

The Applications of Blockchain in Retail Supply Chains

Blockchain is amongst one of the most promising emerging technologies of our time. In the retail industry, blockchain technology addresses a number of challenges that retailers currently face; it can be used in the retail supply chain to verify the … Read More

Join us at the Blockchain Paris on November 27_28

Join us at the Blockchain Paris on November 27~28

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NeuroChain bug bounty program

The NeuroChain bug bounty program is now open to the community

The NeuroChain Public Bug Bounty Since the Test-Net release, Neurochain has been welcomed and tested by the community. Now, we are opening the bug bounty program up to the NeuroChain community. How does the Bug report works? The validation Bug … Read More

Test-Net Launch

NeuroChain Launches the First Blockchain Test-Net

NeuroChain’s successful release of the Test-Net marks the preliminary launch of the first blockchain protocol powered by Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. The Test-Net includes the following components: Test NCC Token The NeuroChain Clausius (NCC) token is the core exchange … Read More

NeuroChain jewelry traceability

Supply Chain Traceability Transforming Jewelry Industry with Ethically-Sourced Diamonds

TrustChain is a collaborative effort to provide better supply chain transparency surrounding the sourcing of diamonds and other precious metals. The initiative, which is powered by IBM’s blockchain technology, will “track and authenticate diamonds, precious metals, and jewelry at all … Read More

HODL neurochain

HODL investors, your free tokens are available

NeuroChain is pleased to announce that all eligible participants to the NeuroChain investor rewards program can now see how many free tokens they will receive. All wallets will be credited progressively during the week of October 15th.   Click here … Read More

how does NeuroChain work

What is NeuroChain? NeuroChain Explainer Video

How does NeuroChain work? How is the NeuroChain ecosystem different to regular blockchain.   Watch the explainer video here NeuroChain is a newly augmented blockchain based on intelligent decision-making mechanisms. Neurochain is not just fast. It is as quick as your … Read More

NeuroChain Sigfox AWS Amazon Cloudera partnerships

Three New Partnerships, New Business Website, New Explainer Video

SigFox, Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Cloudera Partnerships We are delighted to announce 3 new major partnerships that bring a significant advancement for the NeuroChain project. Sigfox With €50 million in revenues, (2017), Sigfox is an established company specializing in the … Read More