NeuroChain bug bounty program

The NeuroChain Public Bug Bounty

Since the Test-Net release, Neurochain has been welcomed and tested by the community.

Now, we are opening the bug bounty program up to the NeuroChain community.

How does the Bug report works?

The validation Bug process
Each Bug must be reported in our Gitlab ( in order to be processed by our dev team.

Mandatory content for each issue reported:

– a clear title
– a short description of the issue
– the bot version
– your environment (OS version, GCC version if you are compiling yourself…)
– the image or the paste of the error code
– your public key for the reward
– the issue MUST be assigned at @YHertig

Our dev team will check the validity of the bug report:
– not already accepted
– the version of the bot
– Image or paste of the error code

The Reward Process

For the beginning, we decided to fix a global bounty amount of 30K NCC per week.

The standard reward for each validated bug report is 1’000NCC. After the analysis the technical severity, our team can decide to increase the bounty up to the limit of 30K NCC per week.

All bounties will be paid on each Friday night.

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