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NeuroChain intelligent Bots, in depth view.

What makes NeuroChain so radically different? Intelligent bots. Here Bruno Delahaye explains all you need to know about NeuroChain Bots use case and how they can influence business processes (and yes, you can get yours from next January 2019 onward!)

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Bots are changing the game for Blockchain use case – and there are at least two reasons.First, intelligent bots create a reward system for the user. Second, here’s the good news: anyone can benefit from it.See, in the Blockchain mining system, you get rewarded 12 Bitcoins for mining one block. True, that still brings you a comfortable $72,000 compensation, but beyond the technical knowledge required for mining, you’d have to buy a costly, energy-consuming hardware infrastructure that sets the bar high for just any random user to invest in.The NeuroChain functions radically differently. It is accessible and distributed. NeuroChain relies on bots that allow you to buy business applications through your token wallet, directly from your smartphone. These bots run operations from your phone and all stay connected through a collective intelligence network that detects, and rewards the smartest bots. Basically, the most intelligent bots are those who provide the most relevant information. So, as compensations specifically target the smartest bots, tokens are being created to make sure the system continues to reward and operate. That way, NeuroChain creates an information-based reward system incentivizing quality information to be shared, the network to grow, and the information to get smarter.This has major business implications. First, it is accessible to everyone: NeuroChain bots allow this consensus to be run on a simple hardware from your phone. Second, it can dramatically improve the user experience. Lead Data Scientist at Renault, Yves-Michel Leporcher, was also here with us to explain how future Renault autonomous cars could use NeuroChain bots to revolutionize seamless car driving.One last thing: the reward system selects one amongst the 577 top-performing bots, randomly chosen thanks to machine learning powered AI. And that bot could be yours! Because the NeuroChain technical roadmap has just been released – and guess what? Our first intelligent bots will be coming out in January 2019!Cover photo credits: Pexels.

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