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The CIO of HOPPS Group, Laurent Baillet, explains how blockchain will transform the way logistics will be managed in the future.

 The majority of supply chains today still rely on the exchange of paper documents creating a risk of human error, inefficiency and fraud. In the future, supply chains will orient towards digital solutions and blockchain is the most likely candidate to becoming the future dominant infrastructure of digital logistics chains.The CIO of HOPPS Group, Laurent Baillet  talks to us about his vision for Supply Chain in a digital environment, and in particular the role that he foresees blockchain will adopt. HOPPS Group is the private leader in France of postal distribution, e-commerce logistics and the development of fashion brands. Since its creation in early 2017, the group has sought to boost the shopping experience of its customers as well as that of end consumers. Laurent Baillet, is the former Head of Information and Mobility Parcels at Colis privé and the current CIO at the HOPPS Group.Why is Blockchain important to Supply Chain and HOPPS Group ?

Laurent Baillet explains, ‘HOPPS is interested to work along side Neurochain to define the key Business Application components dedicated to our industry. We have a strong IP and enabling our key processes to be performed in the Blockchain is a key differentiator on the market.We have plans to create new services. These services could be funded with ICO mechanisms. The French Government and namely Bruno Le Maire our Minister of the Economy intends to turn Paris into the “Capital of ICOs”. This is an opportunity to participate with NeuroChain in the committee who will set the regulatory framework for these innovative services.

Discover Laurent Baillet’s vision for blockchain and the logistics industry

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