You may have heard or read that some of our potential investors are being asked to provide a KYC. That is the case for all our investors who are taking part in the Private Sale. All participants to the Public Sale of the ICO will also be asked to fill a lighter KYC on the contribution page during the ICO.


1- What is KYC ?

KYC is Know Your Customer. These are standard procedures requiring basic ID information from ICO contributors for compliance and Anti-Money-Laundering (AML).



2- How should I fill the KYC required for the Private Sale ?

1-  Sign the NDA provided
2-  Fill the KYC questionnaire
3-  Attach the required additional documentation
4-  Send it back using the same email address used to send it.



3- What can happen during the KYC verification ?

As your KYC is received we will check all information provided. They need to comply with the rules defined with our banking partners. You always have the possibility not to provide all the information, but your investment proposal may be rejected.



4- Which countries cannot contribute ?

All countries can participate except Chinese citizens. US investors must be accredited. (See below)



5- Can Americans accredited investors contribute ?

US investors must ensure that they have the appropriate legal set up to properly invest in ICOs in Europe. NeuroChain is not entitled to provide any legal or tax advice on the appropriate set up. “US persons” in the meaning of US regulation will be banned from investing in NeuroChain. It belongs to each single investor to ensure it is compliant with US regulations.



6- Is my KYC required to proceed in the Private Sale process ?

Priority will be given to the fully compliant KYC.



7- How should I give you a copy of my passport ?

In some countries your passport has information on 2 sides, in such case please provide a copy of those 2 sides.



8- When should I expect the result of the KYC ?

The KYC inspection is done with our lawyer every 48h. You should expect a response in this timeframe.



9- How safe is the information ?

Once the information is received, it is saved in a secured server. All information is then stored in a disconnected machine and emails are permanently deleted from the email account. This machine is highly protected with highly secured password algorithms. People accessing this information have signed NDA and are closely monitored.



10- Will my information be sold or shared ?

No. Your information will never be shared with anyone other than our lawyer and the bank. It will never be sold or shared.


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