NeuroChain is not a Blockchain project, but an ecosystem where distributed network empowered by machine learning algorithms and artificial intelligence. The core of NeuroChain is constituted by performant consensus algorithms represented by Proof of Involvement and Integrity for the block
validation, and Proof of Workflow for intelligence and experience sharing.
Beyond to get an intelligent distributed system, NeuroChain aims to establish a collective artificial intelligence ecosystem.

This ambitious goal is possible due to:

  • The structuration of the project and its middle term projections.
  • The architecture of NeuroChain and more precisely the bots which are evolutive, flexible scalable and social.
  • The team behind NeuroChain with necessary complementarity and expertise in different fields: distributed systems, machine learning, architecture, cryptography, meta programming and optimisation.

NeuroChain is a complete ecosystem for distributed artificial intelligence, with clear and solid theoretical and technical bases.


Photo credit: Splitshire

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