Introducing Neurochain Token App  – Our Community Driven Test Application with the first Neurochain Smart Contract

We have always maintained that we have been continually working on our project through this very difficult period and we would like to take this opportunity to get you, our community involved with our very first ERC 20 smart contract test application (NTT) run on the Neurochain blockchain.

Below you will find full instructions on how to set up and run the app, we hope you will take part and report back on the smart contract usage with the NTT token

We intend to test the performance in the future in terms of TPS but for now we are looking for your feedback as to committed performance and usability.


Please first follow the instructions below in order to set up your application, it is important that you are using Google Chrome for the process.


Go to this URL :


Click on ‘’Create a Neurochain Wallet’’


The address is created, refresh the page to create 100 tokens

Now you have 100 tokens in your first wallet


Open another chrome navigator in ‘’incognito windows’’ (Ctrl + Shift + N)


Now, you have 2 wallets to send token in transactions


Choose the other address and the number of tokens to send


this app allows you to use our first smart contract on Neurochain. We will add more features soon …

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