Hey Neurochain community,

We appreciate its been a bit longer than anticipated getting these newsletters published but we have concluded that a set date every week is not going to be achievable. We feel that to produce a newsletter it must have some substantiated content worth writing about. We have many meetings with potential clients and partners on a weekly basis, but it is not always appropriate to report on these for various professional reasons.


On a more positive note we have some great news to bring to you this week, as you will remember if you have been keeping up to date with our latest posts and tweets we were recently invited to Viva tech by Zebox to present Neurochain as a solution to many businesses looking into using blockchain applications.


From a big business point of view due to last year’s decline in the market cryptography was seen as maybe being a ‘fad’ and a lot of interest left the crypto sphere, however these same big businesses are only now starting to realize the true potential of blockchain technology and Machine Learning, and the profound positive effect it could provide their business.


As a direct result of attending this event which hosted to some major players, we have been able to secure future meetings to discuss the possibility of using Neurochain’s unique technology and consensus as a solution to their business and data handling needs.



Firstly, CMA CGM themselves have invited us to be part of Zebox as you know, this is not only about networking but creating experimental environments within the company to produce a solution for their business needs. Please do not take this as a cemented relationship or partnership but it is a very positive step in the right direction to creating a viable ecosystem on the chain.

We also have a confirmed meeting in a couple of weeks with multinational banking business who deal in investments, financial services, asset management and regulatory banking. They have a multibillion-dollar yearly revenue and global assets totaling over $1.3tn.

Aside from this we are also in contact with an energy company, a large national transportation company and a global automotive supply company and are awaiting confirmation from each to discuss Neurochain as a ‘possible’ solution for their business needs.

As always it would be unprofessional to directly name any company in particular right now due to NDA’s and confidentiality, but we hope in the near future we may be able to release exciting news about these meetings.

We hope this sheds some light on what we have been doing behind the scenes, we would like to take this opportunity reassure the community we are continually working to not only produce a working product, but also build a sustainable business with real use cases.

This takes time, blockchain tech is still in its infancy and companies will not just onboard without testing and experimentation showing how it can improve their business for the better.

We will provide a complete update on development within the next week outlining exactly where we are right now with regards to main net and testing/auditing. Please be patient, we have said it before, we want to produce a quality product that can be used in the real world.


The Neurochain Team

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