Voting for the NCC token to be listed on the Huobi Exchange is now open. The Huobi exchange is one of the world’s top exchanges. Being listed on this exchange is sure to increase the value of the NCC. Every vote counts so go out and vote.

When does voting end?

Voting ends at 7:00 (AM) GMT+2 (Central European Time).

What is the reward for voting?

There are 2,000,000 NCC coins available to be distributed amongst all the votes.

When is the reward distributed?

The reward will be distributed soon after the vote ends upon the NCC coin successfully winning in the top three of the European and Australian category.

I have not yet registered. How do I register?

To register go to or you can visit our step by step guide here.

What is the link to vote?

To vote, simply go to and choose the NCC token. Still need help voting? Message us in Telegram.

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