When launching a project, most of the time a group forms and tries to create an identity, which makes it different from the others. All too often time and money is squandered in the process of the identity before actually producing anything. The second problem lies in the structuring approach: top down or bottom up?

Sharing experience

This is not how we proceed in NeuroChain. The project is agile and ambitious. We are value oriented, hence we want to create an ecosystem of distributed intelligent applications where sharing experience is a standard. In other hand, the team is composed of people already knowing what they can bring to the project, and with a clear idea of the common goals.

The scientific, technical and business ambitions of NeuroChain are beyond of all existing projects. These ambitions are made possible by the project itself, the complete team and the business strategies and projections. The strategy roadmap is consolidated for five years with intermediate independent deliveries to ensure the full success of the project and its full adoption by the community.

As for NeuroChain communication, as opposed to other Blockchain technologies, a constant flow of news will flow, so that any investor will know what the state of advancement of the team is.

NeuroChain best practices

  • Provide a transparent solution

  • Communicate on what we do (clearly)

  • Deliver something useful

  • Allow people to use it and offer training programs

  • Expand the community as much as possible.

Become a NeuroChain investor, Be a smart investor. Information about the ICO date is about to be released. Stay tuned, join us on Telegram

Photo credit: Splitshire

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