Cryptocurrencies: hot money and high risks

In a previous post, we described the benefits of using very simple risk metrics to improve the return of your investment strategy. In the following the general risk are described. Thé objective is to guarantee investors of smart investments. Cryptocurrencies face … Read More

Evaluate ICO with NeuroChain

Hot money is frequently risky money. ICO is part of it. One may read the white paper, but it is always time-consuming with nothing but beliefs and rules of thumb hoping to find the right ones. Over the past years, … Read More

Adopt a scientific approach, invest in NeuroChain

 ICO is hype. In 2017, more funds were raised than through any other investment means around the world. But ICO is dangerous. By NeuroChain, we care for our investors. It is about a partnership of trust and skills. We do … Read More

NeuroChain ICO investor profile

Let’s focus on the very nature of a cryptocurrency. It is meant to realize a transaction on a network.It does not give a voting right to the company who emitted the token. Most of the time, the emitter is a … Read More

Feedback of ICOs analyzed by NeuroChain

Before launching the ICO, NeuroChain team has analyzed around a hundred of different representative ICOs in order to identify the best practices but also the limits and leaks of the processes. The sample of ICOs was constituted according to the … Read More

The NeuroChain ICO philosophy

This post is written to explain our vision and philosophy of the ICO. In NeuroChain ecosystem, the ICO is a tool to leverage and mobilize, first a community and second money. The mechanism of NeuroChain ICO will follow the same … Read More

Are you ready to invest?

When launching a project, most of the time a group forms and tries to create an identity, which makes it different from the others. All too often time and money is squandered in the process of the identity before actually … Read More