3 Ways Machine Learning Will Improve Manufacturing

How can Machine Learning improve Manufacturing? Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence are amongst the most promising innovations of the century. When these technological developments are applied to the manufacturing process, they increased profitability and increase the production rate by automating … Read More

neurochain healthcare

The Next Frontier in Healthcare: Artificial Intelligence is Saving Lives

The STAR (Smart Tissue Autonomous Robot) can perform surgical cuts on a patient with precise accuracy. Its job is to remove the cancer-forming cells while keeping the healthy tissue intact. While it still has some ways to go to be … Read More

public administration

A Smart Blockchain for a Smart Public Administration!

To collect and secure data : a major challenge of every State One of the most important function of a State is to collect and record information and data concerning the country and what happens inside. The task must be … Read More

Breaking News! Interview with Ivan on Tech!

Bruno Delahaye, CMO of NeuroChain, and Billal Chouli, CTO, just had a live interview with famous technology and crypto enthusiast youtuber, Ivan on Tech! Bruno and Billal answered several questions from Ivan and his followers. You can watch the full … Read More

NeuroChain Telegram semantic analysis

Explaining the method behind sentiment analysis The NeuroChain Telegram was analyzed by the team in order to extract information and exploitable trends to adapt the strategy. Sentiment analysis The first axe of analysis is the sentiment of messages (negative, neutral, positive). … Read More

They are talking about Us !

Here is an interview of Bruno DELAHAYE,NeuroChain CMO and founding member, by

Come Meet US !

NeuroChain next conference on march 08, 2018 ! Check out the video announcement.    More info here  

Going beyond the myth of Al All Mighty

  About myths and innovation Forever, innovation has been scary. The invention of the train, electricity, everything was a source of fantasy and fear. Fear of innovation, fear of the future which in the end has become a thing of … Read More

The cryptocurrencies

The first cryptocurrency is qualified as a virtual currency used in distributed peer to peer systems. It is based on cryptography and decision algorithms. The first description dates back to 1998, then, Nick Szabo created the “Bit Gold” (Szabo, 1996). … Read More

Evaluate ICO with NeuroChain

Hot money is frequently risky money. ICO is part of it. One may read the white paper, but it is always time-consuming with nothing but beliefs and rules of thumb hoping to find the right ones. Over the past years, … Read More