ICO challenge


Make NeuroChain Your Best Choice! NeuroChain in Top 10 of most interesting projects! HypeCodes has published a review about the ongoing ICOs. They made a review listing the most exciting ICOs projects, basing their analysis on availability, exhaustiveness and accuracy … Read More

NeuroChain Telegram semantic analysis

Explaining the method behind sentiment analysis The NeuroChain Telegram was analyzed by the team in order to extract information and exploitable trends to adapt the strategy. Sentiment analysis The first axe of analysis is the sentiment of messages (negative, neutral, positive). … Read More

NeuroChain Top 10 of Most Social Active !

Starting from a watchlist, we created the Whitelist The Whitelist members are subject to a game. The more the communication is effective, the more the discount or Bonus is for whitelist joiners. To be accounted for, the whitelist candidate should … Read More