NeuroChain at Tokyo

NeuroChain in Tokyo: the outcomes

When NeuroChain planned their trip to Asia, Japan was definitely one of the most obvious place to visit. The goal The main objective was to introduce the NeuroChain project to Japanese digital players. Hence, NeuroChain booked a speaker’s spot at the … Read More

NeuroChain ecobag design

T-shirt and Ecobag Design Contest: the results !

Many of you in the community were very enthusiastic when the competition was announced. Many were eager to bring their talents to this challenge. Before we declare the winners, let’s first remind you of the competition rules. The Competition Rules Each … Read More

NeuroChain arrival at Tokyo

NeuroChain at Asia Digital Asset & Blockchain 2018: DAY 1

The NeuroChain has arrived in Tokyo, Japan, to attend the Asia Digital Asset and Blockchain Congress 2018 (ADABC 2018) … Read More

supply chain

Blockchain to Reduce Supply Chain Risks

Globalization has proven to be an ongoing challenge for supply chain managers. The supply chain is becoming ever more complex; raw materials are sourced from various locations around the globe, shipped to processing plants hundreds of miles away, then transported … Read More

buy cash

NeuroChain’s token: NCC FAQ

As the NeuroChain’s Community keeps growing, we decided to answer last FAQ about the NCC, NeuroChain’s token.   Is NCC (NeuroChain Clausius) a token or a coin? The NCC is an utility token. What is the token utility? The NCC … Read More

Neurochain's roadmap

NeuroChain’s Roadmap: a Five-Year Trip!

Creating a collective AI From the beginning, NeuroChain has made it clear that the path to full achievement of the project will last five years, starting with the delivery of the blockchain in nine months. That is in January 2019. … Read More


First meeting with the French Financial Markets Regulator (AMF)

Always aiming to become a reference in best practices in blockchain,  NeuroChain had a meeting with AMF on March 28th. France has BIG plans for blockchain and AI! Several announcements were made in the last days by french officials about … Read More

NeuroChain Telegram semantic analysis

Explaining the method behind sentiment analysis The NeuroChain Telegram was analyzed by the team in order to extract information and exploitable trends to adapt the strategy. Sentiment analysis The first axe of analysis is the sentiment of messages (negative, neutral, positive). … Read More

Feedback of ICOs analyzed by NeuroChain

Before launching the ICO, NeuroChain team has analyzed around a hundred of different representative ICOs in order to identify the best practices but also the limits and leaks of the processes. The sample of ICOs was constituted according to the … Read More

Intelligent Blockchain Reinvents Business

NeuroChain is composed by a chain of Bots, which is an intelligent Blockchain where Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence enrich the distributed system. The main characteristic which makes NeuroChain different is its capability to share experience and intelligence between the … Read More