NeuroChain is composed by a chain of Bots, which is an intelligent Blockchain where Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence enrich the distributed system. The main characteristic which makes NeuroChain different is its capability to share experience and intelligence between the Bots.

The first intuitive application of NeuroChain is public which means Open Blockchain. But, also specific private applications called Intelligent Business Applications such as the chains of traceability, regulated professions, industry, finance, Audit, IoT, human resources…

NeuroChain’s entire design is focused on intelligent business applications; architecture, communication protocol, machine learning algorithms and connectivity with other Blockchain but also with other orphan (exogeneous) Bots that provide a fertile ecosystem for augmented business.

Another important aspect of NeuroChain is its flexibility to provide a distributed environment to connect any autonomous agent and create a synergy between them. This property meets the need of companies to achieve a high level of cooperation and collaboration between the applications and therefore between the teams.

In other words, NeuroChain provides tools for transforming disparate intelligent agents into artificial (and human) collective intelligence.

Security, trust and exploration are the main properties included in the package offered by NeuroChain.

The NeuroChain paradigm is to create a space or an environment that represents a source of intelligence. More concretely, NeuroChain provides an open repository for algorithms and abstract applications. NeuroChain is designed to adapt the protocol according to the algorithms used to analyze the situation and make a decisions.

The created Bot ecosystem allows different workflows (whose integrity is ensured by the proof of workflow protocol) between these Bots and also between Bots and humans. It thus induces trust and neutrality in the exchanges within companies.

Hereafter, a non-exhaustive list of NeuroChain applications

  • Traceability¬†and transparency

  • Regulated professions, Accounting and Audit

  • Industry

  • Finance

  • Human Resources

  • Institutions

  • Certified data Repository

  • Smart IoT

  • Etc…

Photo credit: Splitshire

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