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Many of you in the community were very enthusiastic when the competition was announced. Many were eager to bring their talents to this challenge. Before we declare the winners, let’s first remind you of the competition rules.

The Competition Rules

Each of the two rounds had two stages. The first stage was the design proposal submission. The First Round, lasted from June 22nd to 24th, 2018. The Second Round submission sequence lasted from June 25th to 26th, 2018. The second stage of the round was the Community vote. Both rounds lasted approximately 24 hours. Organizing a second round was decided by the NeuroChain Team because of many who didn’t have time to submit to the Contest as it was the week-end. As those were the late ones, we decided not give them the same time, to remain fair to First Round submitters. The Final Round lasted had only one stage, the Community vote, and involved the best 3 t-shirts and ecobags of each of first two rounds. It lasted from June 28th to July 2nd 2018.The number designs contesting was significantly higher in the 2nd round.

Total contesters First Round Second Round
T-shirts 10 25
Ecobags 3 9


And the Winner is…

Here is the winning t-shirt design in the Final Round.

The NeuroChain T-shirt contest Winner
The NeuroChain T-shirt contest Winner
Here is the winning ecobag design in the Final Round.
The NeuroChain Ecobag contest Winner
The NeuroChain Ecobag contest Winner
Here are the Final Round vote details for the first three .

Final Round Results T-shirts
Items Scores Percentages
NeuroChain t-shirt contest


NeuroChain Tshirt contest


NeuroChain T-shirt contest 3



Final Round Results Ecobags
Items Scores Percentages
NeuroChain Ecobag


NeuroChain ecobag contest 2


NeuroChain ecobag contest 3


  We thank all the participants to the contest, both designers and voters. The winning t-shirt design and the winning ecobag design were both from the same participant. And the winner is Adrien C., from Lille, FRANCE. He has already been contacted by the NeuroChain Team.Congratulations to you Adrien! Photo credit: NeuroChain

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