Explaining the method behind sentiment analysis

The NeuroChain Telegram was analyzed by the team in order to extract information and exploitable trends to adapt the strategy. Sentiment analysis The first axe of analysis is the sentiment of messages (negative, neutral, positive). The results are presented in the following figure. The figure shows that the largest part of the messages has a score between 1 and 8, which means that most of the messages express a positive sentiment. To illustrate the positive trend of the telegram messages, few statistics are computed:  One can see that the mean of scored messages is positive (+0.7583) with maximum of 8.15. this confirms the positive sentiments expressed in telegram regarding to NeuroChain project. The analysis of the negative messages shows a maximum of 3.25 which not a high value. Contribution analysisThe team has also analyzed the messages in order to establish a top ten contributors to NeuroChain Telegram.  Congratulations to “colortones” the winner of telegram involvement. As an indication, here after the top three most active admins:  ConclusionAs first conclusion, we can stress that our Telegram group has expressed a global positive sentiment with an average score of +0.71. Also, the exact number of persons in Telegram is 3417. 

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