Before launching the ICO, NeuroChain team has analyzed around a hundred of different representative ICOs in order to identify the best practices but also the limits and leaks of the processes. The sample of ICOs was constituted according to the project, its ambition, the team, the provided documents and objects, the scores from different analysis and finally the raised community and money.

ICO analize

The conclusion of the analysis shows that: There is no strong correlation between the project and its ambition and the raised community and money. The team and the communication campaign played a major role in the success of the ICO. It appears also that the white papers and the technical documents are not really examined by the investors (or not sufficiently) because some project succeeds despite their fails and unclearness. Another irrational point is the impact of the influencers on the projects regardless of their subjectivity. Finally the token sales strategy does impact the success of the ICO according to its mechanism and its transparency and its adequacy with the project.

NeuroChain ICO:

These observations helped us to build up our ICO strategy for NeuroChain. At NeuroChain we decided to change process and control the ICO and the communication mechanism to focus on the project itself. The strategy is based on the following pillars:NeuroChain is a new ecosystem and its description is very technical. To overcome this aspect, the first phase of the communication is only project-oriented, with many posts and articles explaining the technology and the very technical points. Furthermore, we deeply explain the other existing technologies and their limits, to highlight the great potential of NeuroChain and its differences. The all NeuroChain team will be involved during this communication phase, prove their implication and their role in the project. The main goal is to ease the investor minds. All the Influencers that will join the project will keep their independence and integrity. At NeuroChain, we believe that structured contradiction leads to the light. The communication will be transparent and rational. All the decisions will be supported by arguments and justifications. Many documents will be provided. A clear and long-term vision will be provided to the investors. Finally, ICO mechanism proposed to the community will be in phase with the legal aspects, the project ambitions and the expectations of the investors.

Here is our vision of ICO. Invest smart. Invest NeuroChain.

Information about the ICO date is about to be released. Stay tuned, join us on Telegram

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