How can Machine Learning improve Manufacturing?

Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence are amongst the most promising innovations of the century. When these technological developments are applied to the manufacturing process, they increased profitability and increase the production rate by automating manufacturing processes and making insightful predictions.Industry 4.0 refers to the application of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence in the manufacturing process. Industry 4.0 has also been referred to as the fourth industrial revolution because of its disruptive technological advances. It has improved the efficiency of the production process and reduced the resources consumed.Industry 4.0 is based on Internet of Things (IoTs) concept, meaning that since everything is connected, devices can more efficiently communicate data. Machine Learning gathers and interprets the data issued from the machines in the IoTs and Artificial Intelligence anticipates, makes predictions and optimizes the production process.manufacturingThese are the three manufacturing functions where technology, in particular Machine Learning, will play an important role:

1. Predictive Maintenance: Algorithms will be able to predict the when a machine may fail or require maintenance. This will allow the industry to avoid the reactive maintenance and allow the factory to schedule maintenance that is not intrusive on the production process.

2. Inventory Management: Blockchain technology will allow a continuous and instantaneous inventory report that can be shared with managers, clients, suppliers and distributors, as well as the machines to improve the flow of goods and increase efficiency.

3. Labor Management: Algorithms will be able to calculate the number of laborers required for production based on the overall efficiently and demand of the product. This will maximize productivity while lowering production costs.

 NeuroChain is applying Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence to the Blockchain and is essentially creating the next generation of blockchain. NeuroChain’s technology will be able to perform predictive maintenance, keep track of the inventory, and efficiently optimize the labor suppler.

NeuroChain, let’s build a better world!

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