Cryptocurrencies: hot money and high risks

In a previous post, we described the benefits of using very simple risk metrics to improve the return of your investment strategy. In the following the general risk are described. Thé objective is to guarantee investors of smart investments. Cryptocurrencies face … Read More

Going beyond the myth of Al All Mighty

  About myths and innovation Forever, innovation has been scary. The invention of the train, electricity, everything was a source of fantasy and fear. Fear of innovation, fear of the future which in the end has become a thing of … Read More

Cryptocurrency and eXchange Platforms

NeuroChain the Open Platform As stated in the previous article, cryptocurrencies are objects of speculation and fantasy. To make this speculation possible, exchange platforms play the first role. A lot of cryptocurrencies and tokens are exchanged every day in different … Read More

The cryptocurrencies

The first cryptocurrency is qualified as a virtual currency used in distributed peer to peer systems. It is based on cryptography and decision algorithms. The first description dates back to 1998, then, Nick Szabo created the “Bit Gold” (Szabo, 1996). … Read More