About myths and innovation

Forever, innovation has been scary. The invention of the train, electricity, everything was a source of fantasy and fear. Fear of innovation, fear of the future which in the end has become a thing of the past. Artificial intelligence is frightening, a source of fear of the unknown but equally a source of dissatisfaction. Science fiction gave power to microprocessors, the sovereign computer, singularity. Artificial intelligence, yesterday, a source of disappointment, could today be “the means”. Rather than being afraid of it, why not embrace it? And anyway what does AI really mean? Is it “Artificial Intelligence”, synonymous with loss of control, or “Augmented Intelligence”, to help us push the boundaries? Rather than being enslaved, why not maintain control and benefit from it? It is all about compromise. Instead of letting artificial intelligence reason for us, why not see it as complementary. Allow it to give us ideas that we would never have conceived. Do not be opposed to it, but be in harmony with it.



We want simply to put technology back in its place. To control it, to understand its progress. To go beyond the limits of knowledge while doing moral things. We want to unify, create, gather, innovate – to change things, that’s what our “ Why” is …



For this, there is only one tool, only one way – work. Evolution, improvement, everything is achieved through the process of work. Progress beyond, moving forward together, are achieved by it. Understanding what is around us and making an impact on the world, also requires work. The birth of the NeuroChain idea, the creation of our PII consensus, a new architecture, use cases useful to companies, innovation for one’s daily life, all come from our convictions and our work.



All this gives birth to the NeuroChain, with incredible exchange and sharing capabilities. Decentralized applications, consensus and exchange are fantastic tools for achieving our goal. The NeuroChain will be a huge network of neurons that will allow applications to go beyond their limits.


Photo credit: Splitshire

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