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Going beyond the myth of Al All Mighty

  About myths and innovation Forever, innovation has been scary. The invention of the train, electricity, everything was a source of fantasy and fear. Fear of innovation, fear of the future which in the end has become a thing of … Read More

Reaching higher returns with cryptocurrencies

Defining the best strategy for your cryptoassets    The usual strategies Cryptocurrencies are a class of assets. Even the CEO of JP Morgan, Jamie Dimon, requalified the so-called ‘fraud’ as a ‘real’ asset.[1] As a man of finance, two key … Read More

Evaluate ICO with NeuroChain

Hot money is frequently risky money. ICO is part of it. One may read the white paper, but it is always time-consuming with nothing but beliefs and rules of thumb hoping to find the right ones. Over the past years, … Read More

Adopt a scientific approach, invest in NeuroChain

 ICO is hype. In 2017, more funds were raised than through any other investment means around the world. But ICO is dangerous. By NeuroChain, we care for our investors. It is about a partnership of trust and skills. We do … Read More

ICO : the New Funding Eldorado

$5billion raised in 2017. Not just a bubble and crazy kids. ICO stands for Initial Coin Offering. The term is taken out from the finance sector with the IPOs. Through an IPO, a company sells shares in exchange for cash … Read More

NeuroChain, Open for Business

Now it’s time to create value. Let’s consider a quick case. The pharmaceutical sector is facing huge challenges. How can a small shop boost its income? Consider the current pharmacy sales data. Use a clustering algorithm to identify patterns. Add … Read More

NeuroChain : craving for talents

As of now, the blockchain technologies explore new ways of doing business. Most of them are trying to expand already existing solutions, while true answer may involve complete rethinking. At NeuroChain, we have gathered a unique team to address these … Read More