ICO is hype. In 2017, more funds were raised than through any other investment means around the world. But ICO is dangerous.
By NeuroChain, we care for our investors. It is about a partnership of trust and skills. We do not want to be a Blockchain looser project with a negative return on investments. We crave for excellence, added value and on-time delivery.
All too often investors make hop-investing, jumping on pre-sales with 20% discounts, and taking back their funds weeks after the first ICO day, with at least the discount in expected return. This is no smart investment, and the Blockchain economy would crumble on itself, promoting a given project then sending it straight through ashes due to a lack of funding.
To invest in Blockchain technology, and even more in NeuroChain, please follow the proposed pattern dubbed the ‘7 steps to profit’:

Be critic:

Being critical allows you to turn-back your feet in front of excess communication of overstated formulations. Increase this skill by taking as much information on the general technology, the main aspects, how they are critical and how the elements of the project fit together. A complex explanation often hides loopholes and misconceptions.

Read the white paper

Reading the white paper is essential. All too often ICO or crypto investors read just the abstract. Do not fear equations. The truth is often hidden in there. Take the time to read or re-read it. A few white papers carefully read are often profiting than scanning 100s of abstracts.

Evaluate the MVP and prototype

Prototyping is a crucial element. If none exist, be even more careful when reading the white paper. If an image is worth as 1000 words, a demo is more than just a window on what is expected next. It is the target to which most people will stick, like the hearth in an organism.

Challenge the team

Challenge the team as much as you can. Are they truly worth the risk of your personal economies? Do they convince you with their experience, skill, and expectations? Can you believe in their commitment to the project?


Exchange with the team

Discuss with the team. By discussing with them, you improve your understanding. They improve the prototype or the explanations. It is not a communication trick. It is the start of the community building.

Decrypt their vision

Do not take what people say for granted. Does the whole team share one vision, on purpose? Are they just in the hype for easy money or are they true makers, believers, professionals?

Invest smart

Do not put all your money into a single project. Period. Only invest what you do not need for your daily needs. If the project had to fall apart, you must be able to make a living. If the project outperforms or underperforms, keep your head cool. Observe what is next, evaluate, and act. A project that stops communicating once the ICO is done is a very bad sign. You expect them to communicate on the goal. You know each step of the expected development. You do not need all the crunchy details of the team life. Yet you see the commitments, the code published on their Git.
You see the community growing. They offer a real support, wiki, and training for anyone willing to take part.
In other words, don’t take anything for granted. Keep challenging, because once satisfied, you know that both sides have done all the best to reach a common goal.
Invest smart. Invest NeuroChain.
Information about the ICO date is about to be released. Stay tuned, join us on Telegram. 
Photo credit: Splitshire

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