Artificial Intelligence In Cars
A new Artificial Intelligence innovation will make backup cameras look pre-historic.

Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) have been enhancing our driving experience in recent years. Innovations such as back-up cameras with sonar detection have significantly reduced the number of fender benders worldwide. Highway lane control technology detects when you begin to veer out of your lane and corrects the steering wheel when the turn signal is not activated. Blindspot detection alerts drivers when it is unsafe to initiate a lane change. Collision avoidance technology can detect the speed of objects ahead of you and slow the car down if you are approaching too fast. It will automatically apply the brakes if a car or other inanimate object abruptly stops in front of you. The successful launch of modern ADAS technology, backed by Artificial Intelligence, has laid the ground for the next generation of intelligent cars. NeuroChain is the backbone in the development of Artificial Intelligence for the automobile industry, allowing cars to be smarter than ever before.artificial intelligence in carsCars will begin communicating with each other. One of the leading causes of automobile accidents is the lack of communication between drivers. A current problem with the collision avoidance technology is that the ADAS is reacting to the car’s immediate surroundings. The ADAS cannot read the mind of other drivers and cannot predict when the driver will slam on the brakes. The ADAS also cannot see what is happening a quarter mile up the road and effectively prepare. With upcoming developments in Artificial Intelligence, your car will begin to receive information from the cars around you. If a vehicle three cars ahead of you begins to brake, it will send a signal to the other cars. This allows your car to begin decelerating to a safe speed.Vehicle communication will also reduce traffic jams and improve the flow of traffic. Being stuck in traffic is a frustrating daily experience for most drivers. With more cars on the road than ever before, traffic continues to get worse. By enabling vehicles to communicate with each other, cars can more effectively travel.NeuroChain is the mechanism that will allow Artificial Intelligence to communicate with other cars, evaluate the information received, and create a plan of action based on that information. NeuroChain enables Artificial Intelligence to receive information, evaluate it and take action within a fraction of a millisecond – much faster than any human brain could. The brain can take up to ¼ of second to react to a situation. It takes additional time for the brain to evaluate the information and come up with the best course of action. Humans also cannot consider stimuli that they cannot detect, such as a car stopping a half kilometer ahead or a car moving into your blind spot. NeuroChain Artificial Intelligence can take in thousands of pieces of information at once and implement the best course of action instantaneously. NeuroChain could save your life someday!

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