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NeuroChain’s founder and CEO, Frederic Goujon, attended a fruitful breakfast meeting this morning with the French Minister of the Economy, Bruno Le Maire, and other prominent French companies in the blockchain and cryptocurrency market.

The setting provided the perfect opportunity to discuss two important topics in detail:

  1. Establishing better links between banking organizations and companies that specialize in Blockchain. The Minister of the Economy heard the message and has expressed his commitment to improve the situation in an effort to make these relationships more fluid.
  2. Cryptocurrency taxation regulations. This is still a complicated, grey area that needs to be simplified and made clear for all concerned.

The arrival of Blockchain and cryptocurrency is still evolving with an incredibly fast learning curve. The group urged Mr. Le Maire to make the rapid steps necessary to embrace this subject.

NeuroChain is reassured to see that the French minister of the economy is fully aware of the problematic involved and that the government is determined to simplify the task of integration into the economy for French companies focusing on these technologies.

Watch Frederic Goujon talking about this exciting meeting!

neurochain fredreic goujon french ministryneurochain economy breakfast

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  1. Nils

    Very nice! Love this team. Looking forward to the future

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