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NeuroChain Bots are key actors to bring flexibility and smart decision-making in the business world.Indeed, rigid processes and the absence of clear guidelines may lead to withholding of information at the top of the hierarchy, which in turn brings paralysis among the remaining staff. For instance, let’s take a look at hiring processes: without the directors’ express consent to recruit a promising new employee, how is the HR team supposed to react? Hire the applicant regardless, since he fills all required conditions and outsmarts the other candidates? Or wait for the HR director to return from a three-week leave of absence to get a formal validation?This inertia can easily be avoided through smart and rational automation of decision-making processes. In the previous example, the HR directors can pre-determine the conditions and outcome of a process by leaving clear guidelines to their own intelligent bot, which are then charged to inform the HR team. The Bot’s role as smart assistant to the director circumvents the need to request express approval for each simple process. It is of course critical that the director properly transfers the guidelines to the Bot though, and these automated processes only function for simple, non-strategic decisions. But as NeuroChain Bots are able to learn through machine learning algorithms, they provide a powerful tool for revising corporate governance in a more flexible way. While saving considerable amounts of time and efficiency by accelerating simple decisions, they also build a solid database for smart decision-making.neurochain revolutionize work



Reinventing work with NeuroChain: shifting towards efficient project-oriented organizations

Firms come in all shapes and sizes, and the future of work will favor not the large but the agile. So how do you stay ahead of the game?A huge hurdle for firms to embrace the rapidly shifting nature of work is inherited from the fixed form of our organizations. If a team is not able to move beyond the administrative structure imposed on them by the hierarchy, it hinders their ability to innovate. Imagine instead the following: a multidimensional firm able to perpetually evolve, reorganize, reshape over relevant projects. NeuroChain technology will soon allow that.There are, again, two elements to consider for this collaboration to prove successful: reorganization and compensation.Reorganization: Glimpses of creativity are often elusive and may quickly fade away in the face of administrative obstacles. What NeuroChain technology does is to allow motivated individuals to reorganize around temporary, punctual projects without having to set up a whole firm. In fact, they might not even need an administrative entity at all: the NeuroChain network already provides that structure by connecting mutually interested workers.Compensation: Now that the team is brought together, all it needs to function is a track record of each individual’s contribution to allow for an equitable redistribution of the collective value. And again, what could be more equitable than winning an exact reward for what you actually brought to the collective project? Remembering that NeuroChain Bots’ mutual interactions are not only a) recorded on a tamper-proof ledger – so that you know exactly who’s done the work, who hasn’t, and the quality of the work done – but they are also b) strictly and fairly evaluated to maintain the top-quality of their work.neurochain work technology


Welcome to the Future of Work – Join the NeuroChain Revolution!

Bringing these elements together, this technological evolution of the Blockchain will be fundamental to support the rapid shifts in the nature of work. With an increasing population of independent workers, the virtualization of enterprises and the possibility to work remotely, the ways we consume and demand work are progressively shaking the foundations of our organizational models. Think about it: not physical, but logical firms – not corporate governance, but intelligent self-organization.Strangers around the globe sharing the same purpose will soon be able to find each other through the NeuroChain network. They’ll be able to build a project explicitly for the fulfillment of their common goal – and then end their collaboration, if they so wish – with NeuroChain as both the network connecting them, and the self-organizing system supporting them. So, instead of enrolling for the long-term in a whole administrative structure – you can now select which flexible, motivation-driven collaboration models you want to work for on a case-by-case basis.

Welcome to the future – you are now working with a purpose!

So how do you stay ahead of the game? By jumping into the revolution before the revolution bypasses you. Join the NeuroChain community to build the future of work!

NeuroChain, let’s build a better world!

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