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NeuroChain Sigfox AWS Amazon Cloudera partnerships

Three New Partnerships, New Business Website, New Explainer Video

SigFox, Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Cloudera Partnerships We are delighted to announce 3 new major partnerships that bring a significant advancement for the NeuroChain project. Sigfox With €50 million in revenues, (2017), Sigfox is an established company specializing in the … Read More

NeuroChain Announces Morpheus Labs Partnership

NeuroChain Announces Morpheus Labs Partnership

Partnership signed to achieve fast deployment. Earlier today, NeuroChain officially announced a key partnership with the Singapore based Morpheus Labs. Significant strides are being made in the development of NeuroChain’s revolutionary blockchain protocol and strategic partnerships are being formed in … Read More


Fintech Solutions Are Solving Decade-Old Problems

Innovative FinTech solutions are addressing some decade-old problems. The term FinTech refers to companies that are using technology such as Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence & Big Data to offer services in the financial sector. In this article, we explore the … Read More

neurochain supply chain logistics trend

Top Three Supply Chain and Logistics Trends to Watch in 2019

In the era of globalization, the supply chain has grown more complex, and new technologies are being developed to facilitate global trade. Here are the top three trends that supply chain and logistics managers will need to be aware of … Read More

Blockcain supply chain Events

NeuroChain at the Singapore Blockchain Summit 2018

NeuroChain had the pleasure of attending the Singapore BlockChain Summit 2018 this week. We had a lot of fun meeting our Asian community. We really appreciated their presence and the level of understanding they showed of the NeuroChain project. Neurochain was the … Read More

Supply Chain logistics

The Benefits of Using Blockchain Logistics to Improve Supply Chain Transparency and Product Traceability

What is Blockchain Logistics?Blockchain Logistics is the application of a decentralized, distributed ledger to facilitate the movement of goods, information, and finances. It also includes the use of smart contracts to automate supply chain functions. Major companies such as Walmart … Read More

neurochain executive AmA

What happened at the NeuroChain executive AMA (13th Aug)?

Catch up on the highlights of the NeuroChain AMA session held last Monday, the 13th Aug. CEO, Frédéric Goujon and CGO, Bruno Delahaye discussed the Partnership Strategy with the community and how it will help to scale up NeuroChain. The AMA kicked … Read More

Artificial Intelligence accounting

3 Ways Artificial Intelligence Will Improve Accounting Systems

We have heard a lot about the applications of the Blockchain in accounting, but what about the use of Artificial Intelligence in accounting and auditing? Artificial Intelligence is already being used by accounting software such as QuickBooks to automate both … Read More

NeuroChain blockchain network

NeuroChain, the future blockchain

There are a lot of ICO’s and blockchain projects that all appear to have brilliant ideas when it comes to technological advances within the crypto/blockchain industry, but how many of these projects have actual real world uses, how many are … Read More

Fintech insurance

How Fintech Insurance Is Changing the Traditional Insurance Industry

Investments in Fintech Insurance have risen 300% according to a report. Fintech Insurance, also termed as InsurTech, is receiving increased attention from both investors and consumers. Investors are recognizing an innovate, profitable business model and consumers are seeking new ways … Read More