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what is machine learning

What is Machine Learning? And How Does It Work?

We have all heard about Machine Learning. But what exactly is Machine Learning and how does Machine Learning work? Machine Learning is the process of automated computational learning. In other words, machine learning occurs when computers are able to learn … Read More

machine learning vs artificial intelligence

Understanding the Difference Between Machine Learning vs. Artificial Intelligence

Machine Learning vs. Artificial Intelligence: What is the difference? The terms Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence seem to be used interchangeably. While they are interrelated and complement each other, their definitions and application differ. In this article, we will explore … Read More

Machine learning in banking

Machine Learning in Banking: How Banks Approve Automated Loans

Have you ever wondered how machine learning algorithms in banking determine who gets approved for a loan and who doesn’t? The use of machine learning in banking is nothing new. Banks have been using machine learning to automate everyday processes … Read More

machine learning architecture

The Machine Learning Architecture That Keeps Your Money Safe

The System That Keeps Your Money Safe Have you ever got an automated call to your phone asking whether you made a certain transaction? As you may know, this call was generated by a computer. With more than 150 million … Read More

machine learning insurance

Machine Learning Is in Charge of Your Insurance Claim

Most major insurance providers use machine learning to manage claims from start to finish. Hopefully you will never have to file a claim; yet, if an unfortunate event does occur, you will find that a computer is behind you every … Read More


3 Ways Machine Learning Will Improve Manufacturing

How can Machine Learning improve Manufacturing? Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence are amongst the most promising innovations of the century. When these technological developments are applied to the manufacturing process, they increased profitability and increase the production rate by automating … Read More

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Machine Learning to Address Today’s Manufacturing Challenges

Since the Industrial Revolution, companies have been seeking to optimize the manufacturing process. Henry Ford’s assembly line, a system where workers specialize in a single task, is a notable innovation stemming from the demand for greater productivity. It effectively reduced … Read More


Fraud Detection Technology Using Machine Learning to Outsmart Criminals

New developments in fraud detection technology saving businesses millions of dollars with machine learning capabilities. … Read More

neurochain machine learning medicine

Machine Learning Medicine to Revolutionize the Healthcare Industry

Find out how Machine Learning Medicine is solving one of the biggest problems in healthcare … Read More

NeuroChain Use Case: Machine Learning powered KYC

NeuroChain Use Case 1: Machine Learning powered KYC You have been asking what are the real-life case applications of NeuroChain. In today’s financial environment, a European Bank spends €400M on KYC procedures. We met with a very influential Banking Consultant … Read More