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NeuroChain: Three New Partnerships + Testnet & Exchange news!

NeuroChain’s business strategy and blockchain development is taking form. Bruno Delahaye and Billal Chouli discuss three new partnership deals, the Testnet development progress, along with the HODL investor airdrop and latest exchange news. Watch the video announcement below!     … Read More

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NeuroChain Announces Morpheus Labs Partnership

NeuroChain Announces Morpheus Labs Partnership

Partnership signed to achieve fast deployment. Earlier today, NeuroChain officially announced a key partnership with the Singapore based Morpheus Labs. Significant strides are being made in the development of NeuroChain’s revolutionary blockchain protocol and strategic partnerships are being formed in … Read More

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Voice AMA (Ask-Me-Anything) with CTO & Founder of Neurochain, Dr. Billal Chouli

JOIN THE AMA,  September 9, SUNDAY 2:30 to 3:30PM (CEST) Click to join NeuroChain AMA Live on Discord: Join the NeuroChain Executive AMA session with CTO & Founder of Neurochain, Dr. Billal Chouli . Send in your questions now and don’t … Read More

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Blockcain supply chain Events

NeuroChain at the Singapore Blockchain Summit 2018

NeuroChain had the pleasure of attending the Singapore BlockChain Summit 2018 this week. We had a lot of fun meeting our Asian community. We really appreciated their presence and the level of understanding they showed of the NeuroChain project. Neurochain was the … Read More

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neurochain executive AmA

What happened at the NeuroChain executive AMA (13th Aug)?

Catch up on the highlights of the NeuroChain AMA session held last Monday, the 13th Aug. CEO, Frédéric Goujon and CGO, Bruno Delahaye discussed the Partnership Strategy with the community and how it will help to scale up NeuroChain. The AMA kicked … Read More

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NeuroChain Network

NeuroChain Team : Project Progression

As you all know we have been really busy working on our blockchain and OBD device, and now we have an awesome update for you.The project has been divided into 7 major sections:1. Networking: Optimizing the neighborhood (nearest peers) of … Read More

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NeuroChain Hodl NCC

NeuroChain HODL Investor Rewards

Win NCC Tokens with the NeuroChain Investor Reward Program The NCC hodl rewards investors for holding tokens. The longer you hodl, the more NCC tokens you’ll win. 10,000,000 NCC tokens will be distributed in four stages, over a period of … Read More

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NeuroChain is listed on Huobi HADAX

NCC in the Huobi HADAX Exchange TODAY, July 17th NeuroChain NCC Tokens will launch at 16:00 Beijing Time, July 17, 2018 (UTC/GMT+08:00), click here to convert (UTC/GMT+08) Chinese time to your timezone.IMPORTANT UPDATE: After discussions with HADAX/HUOBI, NeuroChain has decided to defreeze the … Read More

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NeuroChain at Tokyo

NeuroChain in Tokyo: the outcomes

When NeuroChain planned their trip to Asia, Japan was definitely one of the most obvious place to visit. The goal The main objective was to introduce the NeuroChain project to Japanese digital players. Hence, NeuroChain booked a speaker’s spot at the … Read More

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NeuroChain arrival at Tokyo

NeuroChain at Asia Digital Asset & Blockchain 2018: DAY 1

The NeuroChain has arrived in Tokyo, Japan, to attend the Asia Digital Asset and Blockchain Congress 2018 (ADABC 2018) … Read More

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